In Youth We trust

In Youth We Trust


The OSCRIM is a partner of the ‘In Youth we trust’ project funded by the PNRR Agency for Territorial Cohesion, which aims to create a system of services in order to contrast educational poverty and to promote social inclusion of the under-age children and their families. This method is primarily based on the involvement of the social actors, on the continuity and in taking charge of the beneficiaries by a multidisciplinary team with the purpose of ensuring a more formative and social impact.

The OSCRIM coordinates the ‘Laboratories of Legality’ in the Latte Dolce and Santa Maria di Pisa secondary schools with the aim of spreading a greater knowledge and awareness in youth of criminal phenomena related to violence and drug trafficking, their importance and effects in terms of legality, compliance with the rules and coexistence. 

The project’s activities concern the promotion of the culture of legality, operational strategies to combat the drop-out and early school leaving issue and actions against cyberbullying among minors between 11 and 17 years old. 

Other participants are: Impresa Sociale Nuovi Scenari (proposing subject); Margherita di Castelvì Hish School (Sassari); Giffoni Innovation Hub; Drone Experience; Giffoni for kids; “Farina - San Giuseppe” Comprehensive School (Sassari); “La botte e il cilindro” Theater Company (Sassari); “Sapere Aude” Social Cooperative (Sassari); the Cagliar Juvenile Justice Centre (Sassari branch offices); Councillorship to “Servizi sociali e Politiche della casa” of the municipality of Sassari.