Violent crime in Sardinia - What are the tools to counteract?

November 29, 2016

On Monday 28th of November from 16:00 the “Criminalità violenta in Sardegna. Quali strumenti per contrastarla?" (Violent crime in Sardinia - What are the tools to counteract?) seminar was held in the Aula Magna of the University of Sassari. 

The initiative was organised by the Polcoming Department and the OSCRIM of the University of Sassari and it proposed a reflection on crime in Sardinia, starting from the research project on the Information System and the governance of the intervention and counteraction against criminal phenomena policies financed by the Sardinia Region. The presentation of the results, coordinated by the Urban Sociology Professor Camillo Tidore and explained by Manuela Pulina, Daniele Pulino and Sara Spanu, highlighted the current trends and key indicators that characterise all the Sardinian areas affected by criminal phenomena

The afternoon activities continued with a roundtable on the topic of the attacks in Sardinia chaired by the OSCRIM Coordinator Antonietta Mazzette. The debate took its cue from the themes of the recent book “Gli attentati in Sardegna. Scena e retroscena della violenza” (Attacks in Sardinia. Scene and backstory of violence), published by CUEC, and it includes the participation of several experts, such as the Sociology emeritus Professor of the University of Bologna Marzio Barbagli, the Court Magistrate at the Court of Sassari Giovanni Caria, jurist Giovanni Meloni, the ANCI Sardinia Director Umberto Oppus, the FoResTas Sole Director Giuseppe Pulina, and lastly the Sassari Deputy Commissioner Maurizio Terrazzi. 

Download the flyer of the event here.

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GALLERY (photos by Laura Dessantis)