School-Work Alternation

Our school-work alternation project:


Since January 2016, the OSCRIM promotes the school-work alternation project and welcomes many high school students from different institutes of Sassari. 

The initiative consists of an educational and formative program established by the 107/2015 law, which helps high school students to consolidate their academic knowledge through practical experience, field testing of individual attitudes, the increase of personal skills and the orientation of their academic path towards their future professional one.  

Many secondary school students are involved in the school-work alternation program with the OSCRIM and have been included in the working environment, where they can learn the basics of scientific research through the analysis of Sardinian criminal phenomena. 

Under the supervision of the project referent Domenica Dettori, their main activities consist of the identification of the news on the crimes studied by the Observatory through daily monitoring of the La Nuova Sardegna and the Unione Sarda. The investigation on newspapers’ articles allows the students to reconstruct some information on past crimes, by means of the Factiva information service by Dow Jones & Reuter group, and to geolocate the various crime locations with google maps. In order to perform these activities, the students were given an account to access the internet. 

Many were the significant and remarkable experiences, such as the data reconstruction on crimes costs in Sardinia SLL and the elaboration and writing of the fifth report on crime in Sardinia. 

Currently, the OSCRIM offices regularly host students from ‘M. di Castelvì’ and ‘Spano’ highschool from Sassari and ‘Enrico Fermi’ high school from Alghero.

If you are interested in joining our school-work alternation project, please contact us now.

The OSCRIM boys and girls

aa.aa 2015/16

Azuni High School, Sassari

Joseph Evans, Alessio Marras


aa.aa 2016/17

Azuni High School, Sassari

Joseph Evans, Alessio Marras


aa.aa 2017/18 

Fermi High School, Alghero

Carlo Dapprea, Domenico Tidu, Assia Corda, Angela Ferroni, Andrea Pintus, Cecilia Arras, Cristina Demontis, Andrea Ortu, Nadia Nulvesu, Paolo Sanna, Alice Monte, Sara Serra, Irene Ullu, Eleonora Pala, Michelle Pisanu, Andrea Pintus, Viola Costantino, Carlotta Doppiu, Myriam Monaco, Letizia Ledda, Laura Alias, Sara Perdix, Stefano Nonna, Chiara Sotgiu, Margherita Oliva, Alessia Satta, Federica Mureddu, Giudy Masia, Laura Alias, Giulia Alvau, Andrea Ortu, Yuri Sautori, Valeria Calcara, Francesco Capodici

Castelv High Schoolì, Sassari

Ylenia Demartis, Marco Piu, Samuele Pani, Gabriele Paoli, Maria Carla Sanna, Francesca Pinna

Spano High School, Sassari

Francesca Usai, Lucia Piu, Paolo Vargiu, Luca Fiorino, Alessandro Montes, Claudio Tassu, Francesco Mamusi, Valentina Carta, Stefania Catteddu

Marconi High School, Sassari

Alessandro Montes

Pitagora Private School

Marco Dettori


aa.aa 2018/19

Fermi High School, Alghero

Maryam Monaco, Mureddu Federica, Letizia Vicenziato, Caneglias Giorgia, Riccardo Pinna


It was an intriguing experience by which we were given the opportunity to get to know the phenomenon of crime in Sardinia. Moreover, we have been motivated to show a greater involvement in newspaper reading, a practice we lost the habit of over the years. This has been something we never thought possible!

Sara and Irene


“In the course of our experience, we realised that in order to analyse the circumstances of the crimes it is fundamental to study the precise time and location they take place. It is precisely for this reason that we need the coordinates to create a geographical map of all the locations of the crimes and to determine how frequently they occur

Cecilia, Cristina, Marco, Ylenia


It was undoubtedly one of the most formative experiences of our school-work alternation program. We made our contributions to the quantification of the costs of the attacks that occurred in Sardinia and we have been given the opportunity to take a closer look at various Sardinian crime cases, especially in all those areas most subject to crime

Alice and Paolo


This was a great experience, which gave me a chance to learn more about what happened in the past, to be aware of the various details and dynamics of each and every crime. I was welcomed with a comfortable environment and with very friendly hosts, which opened the doors of their offices making me integrate perfectly in the workplace and guiding me every step of the way. This gave me also the opportunity to exchange opinions and suggestions about the work carried out