The Sardegna Soprattutto debates

The presentation of the book “Gli attentati in Sardegna. Scena e retroscena della violenza” (Attacks in Sardinia. Scene and backstory of violence), published by CUEC, inaugurated a new serie of meetings, namely “The Sardegna Soprattutto debates”, hosted by the online magazine on the 7th of November in the Eighteenth-century room of the University of Cagliari Library. 

The authors of the book, Antonietta Mazzette and Daniele Pulino, discussed the phenomena of violent intimidations with the intervention of the Director of the University Library Ester Gessa, the Prefect of Cagliari Giuliana Perrotta, the Commander of the Prison Police of the Uta Penitentiary Paola Uscidda, the President of the Cagliari Bar Association Rita Dedola, the SardegnaSoprattutto journalist Umberto Cocco, the SardegnaSoprattutto Sociologist Nicolò Migheli, and lastly Maria Antonietta Mongiu from SardegnaSoprattutto. 

During the debate, coordinated by the journalist Susi Ronchi, the participants have stressed the importance of studying and analysing the phenomenon of the attacks in order to fully understand the changes in Sardinian crime and the need to increase the involvement and the assumption of responsibility by local communities to deal with the issue.

At the event it was also possible to check the update of the data on attacks collected by the OSCRIM from January 1st to October 31st 2016.