The OSCRIM at the Faimarathon

On Sunday 18th of October, the Observatory took part in the discussion on the topic of gender-related killings, starting with the presentation of the book “Carezze di sangue'' by Maria Francesca Chiappe as part of the Faimarathon event promoted by FAI in the main italian cities. During the debate, updated data on murders in Sardinia in the last decade have been submitted, with a specific focus on the femicide phenomenon. A meticulous attempt was made to problematize the femicide issue at the proposal of Diane Russell (1992), who introduced the criminological category of femicide, differentiating the latter from generic murders: a murder is to be considered a part of the femicide category when a woman is killed only because of the fact that she is a woman. Murders belonging to Russell’s category are: misogynist murders, driven by hate against women; sexist murders, committed with the idea that a man has any claims or rights  on a woman; all those murders that had to do with misogynist attitudes and practices. By using this thematised and categorised concept of femicide may be useful in order to analyse the same phenomenon in Sardinia.