First prize for Ogliastra. Mutamenti socio-territoriali e criminalità

April 28, 2018

On the 27th of April the awards ceremony for the XXIII edition of the ‘San Giorgio Vescovo’ literary contest was held in the Aula Magna of the Lanusei Seminario and it was promoted by the Lanusei Diocese in collaboration with Ogliastra Sardinian cultural association. 

Both published and unpublished works (essays, photographs and short films) focusing on this year's main subject, Ogliastra, were awarded by a jury composed of Lanusei Bishop Mons. Antonello Mura, the President of the association Anna Maria Piga and the journalist Giacomo Mameli.

For the literary essay category, the "Ogliastra: mutamenti socio-territoriali e della criminalità" (Ogliastra. Socio-territorial changes and crime) essay, edited by Camillo Tidore, was awarded first prize. 

The 2018 ‘San Giorgio’ Prize is awarded to Camillo Tidore in collaboration with Manuela Pulina, Domenica Dettori, Fabrizio Bottini, Gabriela Ladu, Daniele Pulino, Maria Laura Ruiu and Sara Sapnu from the History, human sciences and education Department of the University of Sassari, for the "Ogliastra: mutamenti socio-territoriali e della criminalità" (Ogliastra. Socio-territorial changes and crime) essay. 

From the scientific analysis on the various cultures of violence, the research focused on its indicators and phenomenologies, emphasising on the overall situation of the Ogliastra population and its deviant behaviours recorded in the newspapers. The result was an original work with a wise use of the most meticulous social indicators. 

Moreover, it was possible to connect the phenomenon of crime in Ogliastra with positive aspects of Ogliastra itself, such as the well-known longevity topic, which represents Ogliastra as a place where it is not that unusual, but a reality instead, to have a life expectancy of a hundred years.

The essay also stressed the importance of the demographic factors of mountain areas' depopulation, the need for better road and railways connections, as well as the need to develop and promote local resources in order to give a better future to the Ogliastra territory. The jury positively welcomed the use of past studies already protagonist of previous editions of the ‘San Giorgio’ Prize. 

One of the most popular proposals, as stated in the paper, was the one concerning the idea of “regaining the concept of an urban public space” in order to win the ‘modernity challenge’ on a greater social cohesion, essential to not only Ogliastra, but also to several other territories in Sardinia. 

The evening was opened by the music of the Ogliastra Civil School of Music pianist and student Luca Galli, and continued with the presentation of the 14th issue of the "Studi ogliastrini” magazine, edited by Tonino Loddo.