The Fifth Research Report

In the conference room of the Fondazione Sardegna was presented the fifth research report “Criminalità in Sardegna. Autori, reati e incidenza sul territorio” (Crime in Sardinia. Perpetrators, crimes and impact on the Sardinian territory). The volume includes updates on high degree of violence criminal phenomena (murders, attacks and robberies) and illegal cultivation of cannabis.

The fifth report, carried out with the collaboration of the Public Prosecutor Office of Sassari, is enriched with contents on Sassari predatory crime data and a study on the direct costs of crime in Sardinia. In this regard, among the topics highlighted, it has been noticed the great impact of crime in Sardinia, estimated equal to 700.000 Euros every 1000 citizens in the course of 2016 and 2017. 

The initiative was chaired by the President of Fondazione Sardegna, Antonello Cabras, with the participation of the History, human sciences and education Department Director Marco Milanese and the introduction by Antonietta Mazzette, curator of the book and coordinator of the OSCRIM.

The conference was coordinated by the journalist Giacomo Mameli and continued with other speeches, such as the ones of the Sassari Public Prosecutor Gianni Caria, the Director of the newspaper La Nuova Sardegna Antonio di Rosa and finally the Mayor of Sassari Nicola Sanna.

Following the various programmed speeches, Giacomo Mameli discussed with the authors the issues that emerged from the study on predatory crimes in Sassari and the economic impacts of crime at regional level. 

Additionally, several students from Alghero “E. Fermi” High School and Sassari “M. di Castelvì” High School have also gave testimony on their experience with OSCRIM on the school-work alternation program, especially on the daily monitoring and georeferencing activities on crimes and quantification of the costs of the attacks for the purpose of collecting data for the fifth report publication.


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GALLERY (photos by Federica Senes and Sara Spanu)