Dualismo in Sardegna. Il caso della Criminalità

On Thursday 28th of March at 17:00 the public seminar on changes in crime in Sardinia was held in the conference room of the Fondazione Sardegna, starting from the considerations and observations of the volume “Dualismo in Sardegna. Il caso della criminalità” (Sardinian dualism. The crime case), edited by Antonietta Mazzette (University of Sassari) and part of the Urban Sociology series published by FrancoAngeli. 

The book does not claim to have the answers on the persistent existence in the ZCO of these violent forms of crime, but it is developed through a series of approximations, taking into account: the effect that the regulations have on crime (Gianni Caria); critical reflections on the community (Romina Deriu); the evaluation of the costs of crime, in particular the drug-related one (Manuela Pulina, Domenica Dettori, Gabriela Ladu); the anticipation of the link between the embryonic forms of baby gang crime and the next face of a still violent Sardinian criminality (Laura Dessantis, Sara Spanu); the creation of the typical set place of all the extreme acts of violence, such as murders (Daniele Pulino).

However, as regards crime, Sardinia may not be considered as a region ‘at risk’, except for some specific types of crime, such as murders (attempted and committed), attacks (non-technical ones) and illegal cultivation of cannabis.


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